Should P2L Tutorials have a « Tagging » system?

As everybody can see, Pixel2Life.com organize tutorials in a Tree of categories.
So far, each tutorial should only pertain to one category.

We are thinking if it can be useful for a tutorial to be placed in more than one category at a time, so if you have a tutorial that uses Photoshop to accomplish something to be used in WordPress, you can put the tutorial in both categories, « Photoshop » and « WordPress ».


That will keep the current directory tree and expand it with some more options.

In the other hand, a system of tagging can be introduced. As you can see, this topic is marked with two tags, « tagging » and « feedback ».
That’s because we updated the forums software to do that on https://www.casinojokaclub.info/fr.

Another example is GMail.com They use « tags » so each user can organize its content with tags.

Perhaps is a good idea to use it in the tutorial listing of P2L.

What do you think?