One of the most important tools a website needs to be successful is eye catching graphics, with the use of these any run of the mill website will succeed in capturing a customer. Fantastic looking graphics are sure to impress any website visitor, unlike paragraphs upon paragraphs of catchy text graphics are there right in front of you, as said before, a picture paints a thousand words, well now a header image can tell a visitor about your product/service possibly better than 10 paragraphs of block text. So how can I create these images?Read More →

As everybody can see, organize tutorials in a Tree of categories. So far, each tutorial should only pertain to one category. We are thinking if it can be useful for a tutorial to be placed in more than one category at a time, so if you have a tutorial that uses Photoshop to accomplish something to be used in WordPress, you can put the tutorial in both categories, « Photoshop » and « WordPress ». That will keep the current directory tree and expand it with some more options. In the other hand, a system of tagging can be introduced. As you can see, this topic is markedRead More →